Understand the purpose as to why Instagram was made in the first place, what Instagram in the USA is meant for, what it can do; this will help you in having a great mind on how to make your Instagram impressive to your audience.

Are you trying to gain more attractions? Gain more USA Instagram followers and also engaging your audience and giving them reasons to keep following you?



You need to have a number of times you post on Instagram on a daily basis. USA Instagram folowers are always online except the busy ones who come online when less busy, but still when they come online what do they see? Be reasonable in your posting, your post should be meaningful and also interest your audience.


All social apps have rules and regulations to be followed.  Instagram follow protocol, update your Bio keeps it interesting and real, updates your profile and makes your account stand out. You an get real USA Instagram followers and if you want to get a head start on your competition. Instagram followers in the USA is the ultimate way to get promoted! Take this information and run with it!


Take selfies like a pop star, rock your camera, be open to new ways of taking pictures, and if possible go for photo sessions, take selfies with wild styles that will keep your account lively and beautiful.


Include your interest your personality, what are your skills, what makes you unique and different from other USA Instagram users. Explore Instagram search for videos, be active with other users. Maintain a strong presence online. Make sure you put you are from the USA!


Some Instagram users have landed side jobs through marketing of their business. You can also market other user’s product, therefore uploading a picture, quote, and video, also be tagging the user for all to see.  You can also reach out to influencers you’ll like to work with, team up to help promote brands and products.

It is programmed to show updates about the posts we might be interested in and also people we might know. You log in and you get to see photos from your friends and also feed about companies you followed.  Instagram Algorithm rewards account with high participation, the number of likes, comments and interactions, the more you participate in a company or users page, and the more your post shows up in their accounts. It helps build relationships and engagement with Instagram users. This algorithm applies to the USA also for your followers.

Now you have been enlightened on how to make your USA Instagram account impressive for all to see. You’ll definitely see good results.