Instagram – Where are My Followers from

Instagram analytics offer valuable data if you buy active Instagram followers. On the business profiles of Instagram, a chart icon is present in the top right-hand corner that provides access to the Instagram analytics in addition to the simple Contact button, appearing next to the Following button, a category for the Instagram profile and a linkable location tag. This gives you real data you can use.

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Instagram Follower Analytics

Instagram comes with a bunch of features for the marketers of which the follower demographics analytics is worth mentioning. From this analytics, you will be able to see where the followers are located, the age and gender.



You will be able to see the location of the follower by event city of the country. This information is beneficial for those marketers who want to have a better understanding of the audience. It also provides a better sense of the time zones, in which you should post in order to reach the majority of the followers. This will help in scheduling Instagram posts in an effective manner.

Age and Gender

You can break the followers via their age and gender. Instagram analytics display the total count of followers, which is inclusive of the number of new followers which is gained in the specific week. You will be able to see the breakdown of the male-to-female follower ratio in the circle graph. For viewing the breakdown in the ages, you will be capable of witnessing the range of age by men, women or both genders specifically. In fact, you could spot and distinguish everything you want to.


Instagram Post Analytics

Apart from the Followers section, another analytics section has gained high popularity as the Insights. It is similar to the Facebook Insights. Here, you will be able to view data on the basis of reach, impressions, follower activity and website clicks. Impressions reveal the number of times for which your posts were seen. Reach displays the count of unique accounts which have seen any of the posts. From Website Clicks, you will be able to know the number of accounts which have clicked on the link in the Instagram bio.

Where instagram followers come from

Active Instagram Follower Activity

Instagram analytics reveal the number of times in the day when the followers are logging into the Instagram. The Follower Activity Module can be viewed by days, hours and showcases the average time in which the followers are on the Instagram on a specific day. You can sort the same by the day of the week. As you know the time when the audience is highly active on Instagram, you will be able to schedule the posts for the most optimal times.

Top Instagram Posts

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It is possible to sort the posts on Instagram by the top posts for every Insights category. You will be capable of viewing the top posts that are sorted taking impressions into account for a 7-day and 30-day period. The information is of high value as it permits a person to view how many people are viewing the post in lieu of the count of people who liked it. It will provide a more accurate engagement rate.

You can also notice the number of times Instagram users were viewing the post relative to the total count of followers. This will be helpful in understanding how the content is performing over the short term vs long term.

If you wish to get insights into optimizing the Instagram content for getting more comments and likes by drawing a comparison which posts are performing better, you can have a look at the brand-new Instagram analytics. From this analytics, you will procure a comprehensive overview of how the account is performing in addition to the detailed information regarding the growth of the follower.

Third Party Instagram Tools

A wide number of third-party tools have come up from which you can have an understanding of the location of your followers. These tools are in extensive use in these days for tracking new un-followers and followers. From these third-party tools, you will also be able to track those users who have not followed you back.

Such type of data is really beneficial in these days for getting a better handle on the followers and thus you will be able to enhance the count of followers. Many people are using these apps on an extensive scale in order to manage their followers in an effective manner.…

Freeways To Gain More Instagram Followers

Have you only recently started using Instagram? If that is so then posting photos every time can be depressing. It is very discouraging when your hard work or excitement is met by nothing else than a few likes from a few followers. Social media marketing offers a lot many benefits, but you need to know how to use it. There are some free but effective ideas you may employ to boost the fan following. By following and implementing them, you can increase engagement and have more followers to your account.

Hold contests from time to time

If you have a fashion business or restaurant business, you may hold contests to attract more followers. You may post images and ask everyone to ‘Like’ it and enter the contest. The one whose name is drawn in the lucky draw gets awarded.

Use your social media accounts

Use your other social media profiles to promote the Instagram account. You may ask people to ‘follow’ your page and just let them know what they may expect. If they follow you, coupons and free samples may be given to some.

Like, comment and share the photos of others

If you like, comment on other’s photos, you are creating more engagement, and there is a chance of others following you too. This is the best way to attain more followers.

Time your posts

When you are posting anything on Instagram, choose a proper timing. As per the research, the timing 2 am, and 5 pm are effective times for making posts.